Sierra • new mommy to beautiful baby girl Ava 💕👑👶🏽
The picture on the left is currently my bump (20weeks) and the picture on the right is my bump at 18 weeks. I am sooo annoyed with my boyfriend's mom right now. Every time I see her she says "OMG look how big you've gotten". Even when we're at family functions or just around other people in general, she says "look at how big her stomach has gotten! It's like every time I see her it gets bigger". I'm not offended by what she's saying, but it gets frustrating how people tend to feel the need to comment on how big you have gotten, as if I didn't notice. Some people forget that everyone's pregnancy shows differently. My baby isn't even "big". She's weighing 13oz, which the doctor said is very normal and it's more so a guess for her height, my due date has also been changed by doctors constantly, but anyways,  I see some people on here and people that I know personally who are either not showing at all and are 20 weeks or more or are showing more than I am at 20 weeks.  Either way, people shouldn't constantly comment on the size of your bump no matter how big or small. Am I the only one who gets annoyed by this!? 🙄