Races handle their children differently

I'm not being disrespectful but I'm just very curious. It's seems like white children disrespect there parents way more than black children. They say things like I hate you and I wish you die, but the situation is never that deep it might just be them getting on punishment or not getting something they want. If I ever said those things to my mom she would whoop my ass and I just would never want to disrespect her In that way. I'm just curious like why do a lot of white parents allow their kids to say things or let them have so much say in what they are going to do. Like how can you say stuff like that to the person that birthed you!
P.S. I'm just curious because I see this a lot and I just don't understand. I'm not trying to disrespect anyone it make anyway feel judged. So don't get upset this seriously something I want answered.