Do I look pregnant?

First pic is 4 weeks ago, 
2nd & 3rd pic is now, 
I'm 17, had unprotected on May 22nd twice which was right smack bang in the middle of my cycle around where I ovulated according to this app, my period is regular although after having unprotected my period that was due wasn't right, it come late and was shorted and odd, I continued on but at the time of my period being due I tested bfn but still feel odd as my boobs seem bigger are are sore, I pee more and get dizzy and sleep heaps my body is just different, my period is meant to be here now and it isn't, I've just got a pregnant looking belly I'd be about 8-9 weeks, I haven't tested again but I don't know what to do, if I'm pregnant I'm fine with it but I'm scared because I don't know if I should test or not also to top it off the potential father to this baby passed away 😔 can anyone give me any ideas on what you think is going on? I've also had odd discharge 4 weeks ago, my body isn't the same! Help! Does it look like I am?