It is 4:31 am. I cannot sleep and for good reason.
Earlier today,a bunch of kids and adults was banging on my house and I caught up with them and I asked them why and they said :
-you're Muslim
-you have bombs
-we was trying to make the bombs go off
And tons of other CRAZY things.
They was telling me to leave and that I don't belong here.  ...(But I'm Apache,so,bitch where?!)
Anyways,so things calm down. Then more adults come to my house and start screaming at me and threatening me with my life.
Then  11o clock rolls around, I'm sitting outside watching my property and my husbands car so no one hurts our things...All of the whole I'm talking to my dad and he asked me if I need him. I sent my dad a message shortly afterward saying that they are coming back.(my dad is special service military for 20 years) so my dad gets there just in time because here comes HUGE men,about 11 of them and all of their wives and a few children. They told me they came to deal with me and to jump me.i am a fighter, a great one actually,and I'm not worried about them as much as I'm worried about me because I don't know when to quit and my husband wasn't home and I have no friends or family in the dad drove an hour at night to come to my house for this.
Long story short, things are okay now. We have all came to an agreement and it's fine. But there are some,about 20 more others that hate us being here. 
This shit has gotten out of control! I'm not even Muslim and if I was,So what?! My husband is though,And he wants to move now,But we've only lived here for 7 months. That's it.
Guys I don't know what to do. We really never know how bad racism is until we are a part of it. 
Disclaimer **** I live in the south, if I called the police, nothing would have been done. Life and law if different where I live.