Is this hormones?

Tell me this isn't weird.

So my husband and I haven't had sex in two weeks. I know, it's horrible. I feel like I'm falling apart but oh well. Anyway, he was going to work some overtime at his job yesterday. He normally (sorry for the TMI) masturbate every morning before he leaves for work. Yesterday he didn't. He put on his uniform and left. He texted me on his lunch break and then went back in early. Then he got off thirty minutes early, something that has not happened in the five months that we have been married. When he came home, he didn't even masturbate then, either. So this morning he did his normal routine. He was leaving and he said, "Oh give me some granola bars." I told him he forgot them yesterday because he takes them with him every day that he goes to work. He told me that he just didn't want any yesterday. I know that's weird so I asked him why and he snapped at me and was all like "I just didn't want any." Then he left.

I don't want to be bad but could he be cheating on me? The events yesterday and this morning are just odd. Plus he hasn't even had sex with me, his wife, in quite a while. Is it just me?