Does anyone have ovarian cysts that rupture and it's NOT PCOS?

So back in mid-April I had severe abdominal pain for 5 days before I ended up in the ER. Originally thought it was just gas but nothing helped and it got progressively worse. They found a cyst on my left ovary and a burst sac on my right with fluid in my abdomen. ER doctor told me it would not affect my fertility and it was not PCOS. Follow up with my general doctor who also practices gynecology and she also says it's not PCOS. Then went to my actual gyno who said the same thing although I could get more cysts. My periods are always regular to a T. This month I'm coming up on day 3 of a missed period (normally 28 day cycle) and every pregnancy test is a blaring BFN. Thought I had pregnancy symptoms but wondering if it's another cyst and maybe I didn't ovulate at all. Are the doctors all wrong? They all told me I was fine but now I'm thinking no. Any input would be greatly appreciated, having a real hard time TTC.