Could I be pregnant?

Hilda β€’
AF is due on the 9th (But I have been telling myself that Im not gonna get my period anymore) Lately I have been feeling sick 😷 nausea in the morning but mostly at night, I'd a fever the other night πŸ€’ I've been feeling fatigue, my breasts feel tender and sore, awful cramps almost all day yesterday. Woke up around 5AM this morning to pee & throw up... Glow is telling that I can go ahead and take a pregnancy test today but Im really afraid to see a negative response, just the thought of it breaks my heart. I hope for a tiny miracle πŸ‘ΆπŸ»βœ¨ That's all my boyfriend and I think about and talk about everyday. We even got a piggy bank for it where we put every change we get πŸ’–