ok I'm so done rn (rant)

ok so I'm on vacation and I begged for my BF to come and my mom said he could (I'm 17 he's 18) so he drove up here. the first day was amazing we fooled around and it was great, then we're playing on snapchat and I see he has his ex gf on his friends list. he had blocked her bc she was a bitch to me and him and so I was like um? when did that happen. they apparently had had a full convo and stuff and I didn't know. I don't think he would go back with her I'm just pissed he kept it from me for a month. and ever since that I've been trying to talk it out maturely but he's been acting a fool. so this morning I notice we weren't friends on sc and he wasn't following me on ig so I asked him what happened and he said that he disbanded his social medias bc it was starting all our fights like NO!!! it's him I'm mad at the fact he's been hiding things from me is why I'm mad not cuz he added her back like if he had told me I wld be ok cu I'm a real easy going gf. idk I'm feel like it's not worth it because we always fight now. what shld I do?