Confused! Please just pray for me

Okay so I'm kind of stuck at a crossroads and I'm not sure what to do. This is my third pregnancy no living kids (first was an ectopic and I had a miscarriage back in September) now this pregnancy was unexpected and has been progressing slowly first my dates was all messed ; 2 weeks ago I went for a official sonogram at 5 weeks 6 days thanks to the vaginal sonogram they seen everything fine my little bean with a now developing heart beat a rate of 47.  Now today two weeks later the Sonographer did an abdominal sonogram she seen the yolk sack and fetal pole just no heartbeat I asked her to do a vaginal sonogram she refused and told me I need to have a D&C Im not in no pain no cramping no spotting no bleeding. I never had symptoms besides sore breast and their still sore. Honestly I still have hope in my bean and I refuse to have any procedure done if I'm having a miscarriage I think it should happen on its own. Just please pray for me.