Vaccinating: the one everybody should have

Jllismuch • 26, been married for the past 7 years almost 8 to my amazing husband, baby time hopefully soon
In my opinion one of the best vaccines you could have is Gardisil. A lot of places and schools require it but some people still choose to not get it. I understand some are terrified but this vaccine is seriously one that should be considered.
I speak from experience as the daughter of a woman with HPV, sadly my mother has contracted a strand of HPV back in 2007 that has left her with so many issues. She has to go to her Gyno 2 times a year or more depending on what the disease is doing to her body. She a lot of the time has to have all sorts of growths of cysts and what not cut away and removed from the inside of her vagina. Within the first year or two of her contracting the disease she already needed about 2 biopsies to test for cervical cancer. Thankfully they came out negative, but isn't all that stress and worry enough to not want your child to go through that.
 As the years go by people are having sex younger and younger and it's really bad that this is such an easy disease to prevent but yet people are choosing not to. I'm not telling anyone what they have to do, I am suggesting what may be a safe choice for your child for their future health. This disease is terrible, and I hope no one has to ever comfort their child due to them becoming infected by something that could have been prevented. I got the vaccine about 6 years ago and I'm not sure if I would have gotten it if what could happen didn't hit so close to home, even though I was still married at the times and had been married for a while, but it was still important to protect myself. After all my mother developed the disease because at the time her boyfriend cheated on her and while marriage is different then dating, still you have to protect yourself and take your health into your own hands. Again I hope everyone just uses this as more info in their decision when they vaccinate