low levels?

Kaitlyn • two losses before our double rainbow on 5.31.2017. 🌈 Expecting again on 12.4.2018! 💕
Alright ladies, I posted a couple days ago about seeing a double line on my pregnancy test. You agreed it was there! Anyways, We miscarried back on May 3rd with our first baby ever 💔 after 12 months of trying. And To my surprise I took a test a two days ago and it's positive. Issue is, i haven't even "missed" my period which is due the 11th. So that means I tested early. I called my Ob and they already had me check my HCG and progesterone yesterday. Today my HCG is only 13 mIU and my progesterone level is 22.9 mL (good). I'm super nervous and so scared it's happening again 😓 everyone says you're so early still and so your HCG is just starting to rise. I'm trying to stay positive but I'm not sure. I go back tomorrow morning to have another HCG test. 
Any similar stories or words of encouragement? What do you think?