10 dpo and ugh!

Emma • 5/19/17, 3/16/19 👶🏻👶🏻
I am losing it... I ovulated right around July 5, and I'm on day 4 of cramping, bloating, low pinching and stabbing feelings, occasional throbbing in vagina, headache, and diahrea. This is driving me nuts! Resisting the urge to test as its too early, and wishing my period would just come if that's what's happening... But I've never had any of these symptoms before, and I'm having zero pms. Normally zero cramps until i actually have my period. Oh and I've been the doctor questioning possible Uti, and it's not that. 
Does any of this align with anyone else's experience at this point in the cycle, and what were your results? 
Thanks for any insight!