Don't wanna get too ahead of myself but I got a BFP, y'all! Glory to the most High!

Kami • 30s, Married for 6 years, 🇺🇸🇩🇴 Mama of a beautiful baby boy and little girl on the way
Earlier today, I got a BFP on a blood test! The night before I got a BFP on a urine test that expired 2/2016. Last night's pic is in the comments. Anyway, this will be my first child! I was diagnosed with PCOS in March 2016. I believe in God and prayed for this gift for my 32nd birthday which was June 24. God heard my plea! This will be my first child! I was taking Metformin (on and off since March), Fertility Blend by The Daily Wellness Company (for a month), and started using Preseed during the last few weeks. The only thing I'm for sure worked was God! I'm praying for a healthy 9 months! Please keep us in your prayers as y'all are in mine! Baby dust for those who haven't conceived yet, don't give up and keep the faith!