I hope I'm not the only one..

Alysha • I`m Alysha I have one beautiful daughter who is 4. Me and my husband of 4 years are trying to another baby!!!!
So I've been a stay at home mom, and a military wife for 4 long years.. I'm only 22. Don't get me wrong I LOVE staying at home with my daughter everyday, but I'm so sick of sitting in my house day after day. My husband doesn't talk much, he's always been like that, he never touches me ever.. I've always been a tiny person 5'3 and no more than 120 pounds.. But ever since we moved away from our home town 3 years ago I've gained so much weight from sitting at home and because of PCOS. I don't know what to do.. I've tried getting my husband to talk to me but he won't.. It's not that he's mad or anything he's just the quiet type... But I just want him to want me and to want to talk... Idk what to do anymore..