My story (Don't judge please)

Hello everyone! So my name is Sophie and im a 15 year old teenage mom and i want to tell you my story im not looking for attention i just want to get this off my chest! I have been bullied for 6 years, I have been depressed for 4, in September last year i got pregnant it was a big shock to my boyfriend and my family. My parents tried to force me to get rid of my baby but i refused they were so angry with me(I am totally against abortion i could never kill a baby) i suffer from depression and anxiety, i have to go to a hospital various times a week to try and get help, the doctors think i have schizophrenia. Which is really hard to deal with i have hallucinations, i hear voices and having a 8 week old daughter is not easy, my life has had more downs than ups but its safe to say Summer has been the most amazing and greatest thing that has ever happened to me im going to be put on medication to try and help me, hopefully i will get better.