Sooo my bf

Cornisha • Everything happens for a reason. ❤✨
Just got off work, & told me he was about to go over his friends house from wrk.. But I know his friend was throwing a pool party after they got off.. He wasn't going to say anything about it to me though. I mean it's 12 in the morning and he's going to a pool party, where they'll be liquor, females etc. I'm pretty sure he's about to turn up 🤔🙄.. & he didn't ask me did I want to go 💁🏾, should I feel some type of way about that? I mean we live together and all that good stuff, but I mean gez 😕 ... Am I wrong? Oh and he was like "baby I wouldn't never cheat on you", but I've caught him lying a couple times. I mean it's petty stuff to lie about and I call him out on it everytime.. What should I do?