Disturbing find in a bag on Dyers Lane (supposedly haunted!)

AlexπŸ’‹ β€’ 12.20.15 πŸ’•πŸ”’
. Read my previous post about Dyers!! A KKK member lives there in the 1920's and now it's the hotspot for anyone looking for something haunted. During the day, it's as pretty as can be, during the night it's pitch black. You can't see a thing. I was terrified at night. Long story short my boyfriend and I found a black trash bag a few days ago, shaped like a small body and it smelled horrific. It made us gag. It smelled like something was rotting... Dyers has been known a for suicide hotspot, dumping puppies, and there has also been a baby left for dead. We drove away super fast because dyers has a very bad rep. for crime issues. Everyone was telling me to call the cops but, I went back today and I had to look!! I untied the bag and moved the top of it off so I could see (no I didn't touch it the object). IF YOU GET GROSSED OUT DONT READ!! Laying there was a corpse of a cow that had been cut up. Whoever did this, did it to be cruel. None of the meat was used. It was sitting there rotting. I took a few pictures and if anyone would like to see COMMENT BELOW FOR PIC. We left the animal there and continued walking. We left later on. Also, I have more information and things that have happened on Dyers Lane. I've found a few other disturbing things also... Let me know in the comments if I should make another post about what I've found!!!Β 
Again, comment below for a picture of the poor cow...