People can be so rude.

Hi! Im 16 and 3 days with twin boys. I have been through a lot in the last few months. My previous bf, also the father of my 3 daughters and I split up, and I went to an ex. I ended up pregnant. Theres a slim slim chance thwy could be BD's which I hope and pray for everyday, as we are back together. The ex decided to up and leave, knowing I was pregnant. Im glad he did. We werent meant for each other. I love my girls father. He is willing to be in the twins lives too. He is special and so considerate. Anyways. The ex ia half black and half white, meaning my boys will be a quarter black. Soooo, anyways, Heres my rant.... i am trying to pick out some strong names for the twins. When I bring it up to anyone, they start throwing in these ghetto names as a joke. I think it is so rude. It gets me so mad to the point I cry. Im very emotional about all of this. But I will tell people names I like and they throw in, what about Tyrone or Shavonte.... saying that I am bwing racist. When actually, they are, and it is towards my kids. It pisses me off. Am I being a big baby or do I have thw right to go off on the next ass hole that says this????