Cute moment at OB apt! ❤️❤️

I talk about my baby quite a bit to everyone around me and it never feels like enough. But, my last OB apt was my first with this practice of Dr's, and the first time I got to hear the heartbeat since my ultrasound! Now on Thursday we went to start my monthly appointments, and it took a while to find the heartbeat. At first I didn't understand and was worried, until the doctor said our baby is just moving so much they can't sit still long enough for us to hear their heartbeat! When she finally did find it it was so heartwarming to hear, and to mix it all up our sunshine decided to kick at the Doppler! I was so happy I cried (not a surprise 😉)  I know it probably happens a BUNCH. But being my first baby I just love to talk about everything! Anyone else have any cute ultrasound/Doppler stories?