Birthcontrol isnt working! help!!

hey guys so several months ago i began taking Levlen, before i could reach the sugar pills (around day 24) i would get my period and i automatically stopped taking the birth control and started taking the sugar pills, the same thing would happen for the next two packets (recieving my period early and then taking the sugar pills). i told my doctor and she prescribed me Norimin and told me to continue the birth control until i reached the days to take the sugar pills and not skip ahead! however when i did this i ended up having a really heavy period during the days i was taking the BC and during the sugar pills, so i had my period for 2 weeks! Is there any suggestions in what i have been doing wrong, i have NO control over my period at all if i perhaps wanted to skip it and also i took 2 BC in one day to stop it (i was overseas) and that didnt work either 😱😱 please help!!!!