We had sex last night for the first time

I was a virgin (up until like 6 hours ago) and he was not. I'm 20 and he's 26. Well I was over at his place we were literally watching marvel movies becauee that's what we are both into lol. We were snuggling but I really didn't think anything of it. Next thing I knew we were making out. It just kind of happened. One thing led to another and he led me up to his bedroom and we actually had sex. (We used protection). He was actually gentle and considerate of me having never done this before. It was a little odd for me just because I had never done it but it felt good and I felt comfortable being with him and being naked you know. I feel like it was a good experience.

Literally just woke up and he's beside me sleeping like a baby haha.

Now I can finally relate to people who have had sex lol. What was your first time like? Was it awkward? Was it good? Why or why not? And when I ask what your first time was like, I mean what was your first time by YOUR CHOICE based on both parties fully consenting. As I'm fully aware some people's first time isn't consensual.