Please tell me I'm not selfish

So I swore I would never be induced again but my midwife asked me to induce so that she would be my delivery dr. She delivered me and my 3 of my sons. This is my 5th and final boy and she wants to be there and it would mean the world to me for her to finish my little baby love circle of life ha haha. And she goes on her bday vacation on the 26 and won't be in town to make it. I'm due Aug 23 and she said I could go in on the 20 for induction. I always go 4-6day over due so I'm pritty sure baby jack will still be baking . But I guess ya never know. Wht do u ladies think. I'm kinda leaning towards it I love my midwife she is Sooo awsome? I just don't wanna go in too early ya know