Being Sent Home From an Induction


So i was scheduled for an induction at 39 weeks due to medical problems. I ended up being able to start the induction a day early, bc of everything worsening.

Well once i got the potocin, my contractions were more over powering than the Kidney pain i was having. I didnt want the epidurial yet, i didnt want contraction pain meds until I knew I was in labor.

I start to dialate and thin out, but my cervix remained high and didnt budge. After 30hours my drs call it a quits and sendnme home to rest- I was mentally able to keep going. I got to 3cm and 70%.

So being told that I was being sent home, I was immediatly upset with myself. I got home and feel depressed bc with my constant body pain do to RA, Kidney stones and other misc mediacl problems. I wanted my baby out so bad so I could start to fix my damaged body. I wanted her safe from the narcotics that I had to take to even get out or into bed.

Now I feel that my dr isnt on my side, i feel alone when it comes to medical treatment and advice.

So has anyone else been sent home? How did you feel about it? When do they try again?