Confused, scared, nervous...excited!

Brittany • TTC since November 2014. Diagnosed with PCOS in July 2015. 5 rounds of clomid and now trying Letrezole with no luck.
I have PCOS we've been TTC for 20 months. I did 5 rounds of clomid with no luck and just finished my 3rd round of Letrezole. My doctor called last week and said my cycle day 21 numbers were really good. My cycle is usually 32-35 days and I'm currently on day 32. I've had no symptoms excepted for very heavy breasts and exhaustion. I figured I was out this month and have just been waiting for AF. This morning I decided to take a test just to make sure before I head to a grad party. I used a first response with FMU  and within 15 seconds it was positive. I waited 2 hours, took another FR and it was positive. I then went to Walgreens and bought a clear blue digital it was positive! I just don't believe it. What are the chances this could be a chemical? I don't want to tell my husband and then have him be disappointed. Opinions?