Prodromal's the worst!

So my due date is July 26, making me 38+4 now. I've been in prodromal labor since 35+2! 
For those of you unfamiliar with the term (as I completely was), it's having full-on labor contractions timed (for me, at least) anywhere from 10 to 4 minutes apart but not producing cervical change. They're not BH; they're real contractions that should be doing something but for some reason aren't. 
To be honest, it's been hell. The pain alone is enough to break anyone but being told over and over again that no one will do anything to help until 39 weeks is maddening. I've been depressed and weak. The average time women suffer this is about 2-4 days. I'm going on 4 weeks! It's so hard, but I've finally been given an induction date at 39+2. While it's hard to wait and continue to be in pain, I know my baby will be better off for it (or so they say). 
So my point in posting this is to offer some hope to anyone out there who might be in a similar position. I know it's hard. I literally feel your pain, but we are so strong and we can do this! Hang in there. It'll all be worth it once you get to meet your little bundle. ❤️