Pregnancy Test... which one?


So I don't bother testing unless AF doesn't show. I had a couple different pregnancy test already I bought and have used. I'm currently 10 days late, No AF & 2 BFN.

I hate standing in the aisle with the all the test trying to decide which is the best for multiple reasons.

1) Creepy guys buying lube

2) Small town, Big Mouths

3) Old Ladies with Large Grins and trying to discuss my possible pregnancy. Lady, do not touch my belly!!!

So I want a game plan, walk in, grab a box hid it under my potato chips, pickles and ice cream. And hopefully find a cashier that doesn't recognize me! :-D

Now I'm finding that some test are better than others. But I'm still clueless, any suggestions will be a big help!

Thanks ladies!