My squishy headed protector

He's always been a daddies boy as he was his dog before we met..if I would playfully smack my fiancé he would run up and stand between us like no..stop... But now that I'm pregnant (36 weeks) the tables have turned. The other day my fiancé picked up a pair of scissors and waived them in my direction and Dozer came sprinting across the room barking like crazy and ran right up to my fiancé and barked loud,puffed his chest up and stood between us (not meanly just saying you better quit right now) and just now he was smacking my butt really hard and it was hurting me and I was begging him to stop and the dog came up and put his hand in his mouth and moved it then sat between us lol he didn't bite him but he stopped him forsure. *this dog is so far from anything mean he would never hurt anyone, when he does these things it's assertive like don't hurt mom, but not aggressive at all. So don't worry lol*
*please excuse his nasty mustache and uncut hair lol