Trying not to be too nervous

Brittney • Mama of 2 girls with baby number 3 on the way (hoping for a boy!!)
So, I am 9w5d and I feel like all of my symptoms have disappeared. Not that I had many to begin with. Started with light nausea, very tender breasts, bloating, constipation, and fatigue. And while I'm still pretty tired most days, almost all of my other symptoms have gone away over the past week. I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday, but I'm a little nervous about something being wrong. Especially since we just told our families this last week. Is it common for symptoms to disappear around 9/10 weeks and there not be a problem? I just have read so many posts about missed miscarriages and it's hard not to think of the worst. 
Also should add... No bleeding or cramping. So that makes me feel better. But doesn't completely take the worry away.