My pessimist husband

Hi Ladies!

My husband is a nice caring guy but sometimes plays with my emotions by talking negative. When I tell him I would not take epidural during my labor, he questions me and tries to argue with me that it has to be taken otherwise there might be complications. He basically has half knowledge about these things and doesn't know what side effects epidural comes with and doesn't care to research on it but only tries to argue. I was lucky as some gentleman at a recent party was explaining us why to avoid epidural and it was kind of an eye-opener for my husband. I have shown him a youtube video today where a doc talks on how it can be avoided. He initially made fun of that video but somehow listened to it. I convinced him to some extent but just now he was saying what if I have to go for c-section would I not take epidural. I felt like kicking him so hard for his negative talking. On other aspect, he doesn't want my mom in the delivery room. I am so afraid of him and his support and I feel with my mom i feel more strong (she had 3 kids delivered naturally) rather than worrying what mental mess my husband might create. But, I am a believer of the fact that it is a beautiful experience for me and my husband and my mom shouldn't be there in the delivery room. Should I choose my mom so I can be confident emotionally or should I protect the emotional bonding I would have with just my husband in the room?