so before I knew it was bad for the baby to smoke marijuana during pregnancy, I smoked it during my first trimester. I have no idea what week I stopped.. I smoked during my pregnancy for so long because my obgyn at the time recommended me to smoke it, so I did. Yes this woman is certified and trained I've seen all her licenses and places she went to school. I picked out the highest rated doctors office in my area and everyone left great reviews on her on google. I have a different obgyn now (from the same docs office as my old one) and I have told her about what she recommended to me and she was in disbelief that she would recommend something terrible to me during pregnancy. I live in Texas so it's illegal here...I'm now 21 weeks pregnant, havent smoked since my first trimester. Im aware my baby will be taken away from me if they found drugs in my system or in my babies poop. That's what I'm scared of... Am I gonna lose my baby girl over this?..

I don't even know what week I stopped..