Feeling run down and STRESSED OUT!!

I'm only 12 weeks and I just feel like shit all the time. I have a two year old and this is my second. I'm just so freaking tired and uncomfortable all the time. All I do is go to school and then sit around as soon as I get home. School is really taking its toll on me, I'm there 9-5, 5 days a week. 
The house is a f**king mess. It's stressing me out, but every time I go to clean, I just can't get anything finished. I'm either nauseous or I have a migraine, or I'm dizzy etc. all the shitty symptoms. 
I'm not close with any family so no one is there to help me out. 
My boyfriend works a lot but when he's home he's lazy as hell! He acts like I'm not even pregnant and that all these symptoms aren't a real problem. 
I'm really sad, sick, and stressed.
Is it ever going to get better?!
Am I just a lazy freaking cow? Or has anyone else felt like this?