What's a different way to discipline your child when they're acting up ?

KKZ Family • 06/14 💕 07/1 💗
Well I seen a post about a mother and her 3 yr old child . Well my daughter is also 3 she acts up sometimes. The only time she acts up bad is when we're out in public. I do talk to her I tried "time out" I tried counting down (which works ) um I also spank her . But only when She done something that I told her not to do. I do not whoop her. We have conversations all the time . She goes to daycare(I'm thinking about putting her in a elementary school this yr) . My only problem is her crying. When she do not get her way she cries. ( yes she's my only kid) I sing to her I play with her read to her and reward her when she's doing good. It's hard raising a kid and it's not easy. But now there's a new problem. She tells me no and she throws things and run when I tell her no or to stop. What are some things I can do ? Please no disrespectful comments no rude ones and speak ur mind.