TMI Pic!! So confused 😳 help?

Im a little confused... I have pcos and we are trying for baby #3 (after a clomid baby) and I am on my first cycle of Metformin. I don't normally get ewcm but have now had it several times. My question is.. Is it normal to have ewcm once you are past ovulation? Here's a rough tally of my cycle..
Cd16 opk looks pretty dark? (attached pic)
Cd19 a small amount of ewcm
Cd20 ewcm plus a positive opk (we think) 
Cd22 a lot of ewcm (first pic) 
Cd24 a lot of ewcm (second pic) 
Cd25 (today) ewcm again (third pic) 
I have also attached a pic of the opk's referring to the bottom one. I'm very confused please help 😳 
When do you think I may have ovulated? What is going on with all this ewcm? I'm going crazy trying to make sense of all of this haha thanks in advance xxx