I want to Destroy his EGO!!

Gracious • 👑
Call me evil, call me immature, shit call me a maniac I don't care. I been knowing him for three years now and he is totally disrespectful. One day I was walking out of a room and a young man shouted at me and said "get the fuck out"(this is not the guy that I want to destroy his ego) anyways I turn around and slap him fairly hard on his back and he laughs. Now here's were it gets disrespectful, lets call him David...so David felt the need to put his two cents in even though it didn't envovle him. I guess its because everyone says David is the guy you don't fuck with and how everyone is scared of David and I'm like whatever. So he starts being disrespectful and saying rude shit like the past three years that I've known him. So I told him to shut up oh and I failed to mention the part when I walked in the room and he was looking at me with a stank look and tried not to pay attention to him because I walked in their to talk to the football coach for a business discussion. But he is just ughh I swear, but anyways I wanna destroy his ego I'm sick of this he thinks he's the big guy and everything. And don't tell me he's a just being a boy. I'm sick of that shit I'm a girl with period every 1st of the month and I still know how to control my emotions no more excuses I want revenge so comment plans , thank you.