Kinda long rant...feeling sad

Yesterday was my baby shower and I had a great time. The only issue was one of my friends, a woman I've been close friends with for 16 years. Lately I've noticed that we aren't as close anymore. We don't talk as often and when we do it's only via txt msg bc our last phone conversation when I called her kinda dragged like she wasn't interested in talking to me.

Originally she was going to be at the forefront of the baby shower, organizing, helping me plan, etc. In recent months she became distant and it was obvious that she wouldn't be helping with my shower.

She and her Fiance came to the shower yesterday..they both said hello, both hugged me and that was it for her! She did not speak to me at all! Her Fiance made small talk but she stared at her phone the entire time!

She didn't interact with anyone other than her Fiance, didn't play any shower games and left before we opened gifts or cut the cake. Needless to say I was shocked and disappointed by her behavior...never expected her to act that way but the party went on and I enjoyed my other guests.

Later that evening I texted her to thank her for coming and for the gift. I also asked if things were ok with us, that things seemed strained and if we were not ok that I wanted to work on fixing things. Granted that would be an actual phone or in person conversation but I figured this would at least be a start. She never responded back. It hurts my feelings bc we were best friends and to see how things are now makes me sad.

I don't know if shes jealous..her and her Fiance are having fertility issues which we've talked about in the past but now we rarely talk at all. It just seems like whenever good things happen in my life whether it's graduating college, getting a good job, having a baby she always distances herself and stops talking to me as some sort of defense mechanism. Which is crazy to me! I've seen wonderful things happen for her in life and have always cheered her on! The way I feel now is like the friendship will never be the same and I'm trying to make my peace with that. Just focus on my family and my little baby who's on the way.

*Update* Thank you all for your advice and responses. She texted me back and basically gave a generic response: "Everything's ok, I'm ok. Sorry for the tension. I wish you and your husband all the best". Clearly there's a deeper issue but she'd rather not open up and I can only respect that, that's her choice. But I have a choice too and I'm choosing to let all this go. Focus on myself, my baby and my family.