Braxton hicks?? Pubic bone pain? HELP!

I'm 27.6 wks prego I went to the ER yesterday due to strong contractions. They put me on an IV checked my cervix did some test everything came back fine except I was dehydrated which caused my contractions to be so strong and close together. They ended up fading further apart so then they said it was now Braxton hocks and that they couldn't do anything about it but to stay hydrated and go in if they get back to how they were. I now have small contractions from time to time but the worst part is I've been getting this sharp pain on my pubic bone area and it happens mostly when i walk, sit down then try to get up or when I lay down and try to lift my legs up to put a pillow under them.  Anyone else with this sharp pain? I need help. I've never had this type of feeling with my other 2 pregnancies and baby is already head down and very active.