Super pissed... Long sorry


So yesterday I got into a fight with my bfs das because he opened his mouth. He is the type of guy that thinks his word is the last. He isn't with my bf mom's but they are still married; He live's in the back yard of our house in a trailer HE moved in without asking. My bf pay's half the rent his brother pay's the other half....

My brother doesn't live with us but he comes down to visit so he will stay in my bfs brother's room. But when my brother leaves, he leave's a mess which we have told him to clean up and he does. His dad walked in and asked why my brother was in nicks(bf brother)room without him here and we told him because he is, nick knows he's here. He started yelling he doesn't care nick doesn't want him in there(bullshit)my bf said "what you gonna hit me?"so I got up and stood there watching just waiting for him to give me and excuse to beat his ass. My brother walks out and I told him not to go into nicks room anymore and when he asked why his dad turns around and says "because I said so that why" I told him it was non of his business then shit hit the fan, he was getting in my face; I mean nose to nose screaming at me. I wasn't backing down; so I started yelling back telling him that if he hit me it wasnt gonna be good for him, my bf jumped in between yelling at his dad for threatening me and that he was disrespecting his sons mom(me)then he started calling me names like "fat cunt, bitch" etc. I started laughing and told him I love the word cunt keeping calling me it. Which was pissing him off more; he kept telling my bf he better shut me up and better get his old women before something happens. My bf was getting in his face yelling "I know what you will do I seen you hit my mom before" I grabbed his arm and said "move nate I'm not afraid of him, he hit's me he will regreat it, I'm not afraid of him" he got in my face So I told him to go for it "hit me please I want you too give me a reason to hurt you" then he said something bad was gonna happen. He said I yell at my son to much! Like wtf yell at my son to much? He gets yelled beause he doesn't listen. He said somethin was gonna happen; bad. He started walking back to his trailer and my bf jumped infront of him saying "your not gonna do anything" he said "oh yes i am im gonna call cps" that got me fired up more than anything. I said "go for it let him call them, they aren't gonna find anything I don't put my hands on my son; what. I yell at him? Only when doesn't listen, go call I'll give you the number" that got gim to back down. but that pissed my bf off as well and he said "no no you went way to fucking far you're not calling anyone, she doesn't do anything to hurt our son that is his mom she has a right to yell at him if he being bad" he told him he needed to leave. His ass said I was creating a wedge between nate and his mom... I'm sorry his mom does DRUGS with all of us in the house. My son has found the shit because it was left out, when I told him that he asked why was I in her room? I told him because my son goes in there and every time I kick him out there is something from her using drug's left out. He said she hasn't done it since the last time(2 years ago)we called her out. I told him bullshit we all seen it.

This isn't the first time something has been said by his dad that a fight was started. I'm tired of it, I told my bf it's his dad or us and guess what? I left. He kept telling me I didn't have to leave, to not leave but I had to it was time. After his dad left he came back and it started a fight between me and nate. His dad is a threat and I dont feel safe with him I trust him as much as his drug addict wife.

We planned on buying a house when he cleared his credit but we can't till next year tax time. But i told him if he wants his family he needs to go to the bank and talk to them about a loan. I left last night so we will see how much he will do while I'm gone. I know it could have went differently but the way his dad was acting it was hard to act anyother way with him.

Was I wrong for standing up for me and my brother? Was it wrong for me to leave?