Today's hip hop/rap. Compared to back in the day.

MissyYaYa πŸ’‹

Opinions please.

Haters of hip hop and rap can step aside for a sec, please.

For the LOVERS of hip hop and rap like myself, do you feel today's music is lacking?

Do you feel like back in the day, the rhymes were WAY better? I do.

Many rap moguls have spoken up about this in the past several years, but hey, I'm just a fan and a mom of teens now.The music (some) of it sorta stinks so I've wondered am I becoming "an old fogey"?! Lol

I don't believe so.

Matter of fact, when some of the newer commercials come on now, they are finally bringing some of the old school rap and hip hop back! Commercials play, my husband and I start singing every word and my kids are like 😲😲😲😲 "how do YOU know this?" Lol.

We say, you nothing about hip hop! You wanna hear some "real music" I'll show you. We put on all of our old favorites and I'm surprised how they know some of them. Then, we play them some Motown 🎢🎢. Then me and my kids do a dance off in the living room.

Today's music in my opinion is lacking .

What's your opinion ?

(Ever since I read the post about Biggie vs Tupac I've been vibin'. Sorry)

It's a nice change from current topics too.

Edit: if u think today's music is best and doesn't hold a a candle to music back in the day, put your age down. (Or age range). I'm curious on opinions