Weight loss and milk supply

Erica • 21. Single Mommy. Isaiah Ethan ~ Born July 15th, 2016

When I got pregnant I was about 3 months clean from heroin. And when I got clean I was 98lbs. So throughout my pregnancy I gained quite a bit weight that was needed cause I was very unhealthy and some that was just extra weight I put on. I had my son on July 15th, a little over two weeks ago. The day I had him I weighted in at 189. Since I've had him I have had absolutely no appetite (which my OB said can be normal), I eat maybe once a day. I've lost 24 pounds in 16 days. Idk how much weight is normal to lose in what amount of time. I also don't know what a "normal" weight is for myself since I was using drugs on and off for several years before I got pregnant and was always very thin.

I'm not trying to like gloat about my weight loss whatsoever...I'm more concerned that I could be loosing too much too fast and I'm worried it's starting to affect my milk supply.

Anyone else been in a similar situation or have any insight for me.