To work or not?

I'm due 8/28 and in a bit of a bind with work. And I'll be honest, my procrastination put me here. But knowing that doesn't really help me make my decision. I should have already had my maternity leave figured out and settled. But I don't. It's unpaid, and that's shitty enough as it is. I'm just barely unqualified for FMLA. My boyfriend doesn't currently have a job either (I know, it's shitty. Reminding me of that doesn't help me either.) Currently, my grandmother has been helping me with my rent and bills because I don't make enough alone. She's already said she intends on continuing to help us through my leave. I don't like that thought, but I can't turn it down or I lose my apartment. However, I am still waiting on my paperwork to be sent to me, so I can turn it into my doctor. From there, it can take 2 weeks for her to get it finished and then from there, I have no clue how long it takes to be finalized. At work, we have what are called occurrences, which come from call outs, tardies, etc. You can have 12 before they can fire you. Mostly due to my pregnancy, I have 10.5. I'm already scheduled through the 13th of August because we make our schedules 2 weeks in advance. If I have my baby girl before this paperwork is finalized, I'm going to lose my job. It's that simple. So I am considering putting in a two weeks notice and leaving before that can happen. I feel like that's my best option at this time. I've spent two years with my current employer, and I'm not willing to let it end in me being fired. I need that reference. Not to mention, I could use the time off before she comes. I'm exhausted and every day gets harder and harder. Regardless of what I do, my boyfriend has to get something in the mean time. He knows that. I just feel apprehensive about making such a big decision. And depending on my grandmother completely. Any opinions?