My Birth Story

My little boy was born on June 21st, exactly a month before his due date. I was going on Fathers Day to Red Lobster with my boyfriend and my Dad to celebrate when I had completely lost vision in my right eye for 20 minutes. I didn't worry too much but my boyfriend looked up on what it could be and it could be preeclampsia. I called a nurse and told me to come into the birthing unit to get my blood pressure checked since I was 36 weeks pregnant. I went in and they said my bp was too high and I needed to be admitted. That night when they were trying to get my bp down, they told me I had protein in my urine and that I needed to be induced and that I had severe preeclampsia that could possibly kill me if I didn't give birth. They tried for 36 hours but I was stuck at 2cm and throwing up and constantly having severe contractions so they said i would have to get a C Section or probably risk the baby and I's life. I made the decision to have a C Section. Now I have a beautiful son and after 2 weeks in the NICU, him and I are safe and healthy. I wouldn't change anything in the world than to have my baby boy. ❤