New born with a broken arm.


Hi everyone,

My daughter is almost two weeks old and she's had a broken arm since birth. She's a big baby, she weighted 9lbs 13oz at birth. She was stuck and the doctors and nurses had to get her out which resulted in her having a broken arm. All of the doctors said that babies heal faster and that I shouldn't worry too much. I just keep her arm wrapped and try not to touch it much. I gave her, her first bath and was so scared. Under her broken arm was bad, full of dead skin and it was chaff. She screamed the entire time. I decided to put some aquaphor under there to help with the chafing. Has anyone else gone through this? Any advice? She's usually very calm but she sleeps a lot. She also had jaundice but that has since cleared. I don't know how much longer it's going to take her to heal. Feeling a little overwhelmed.