Rough day

Have any of you had just a day where you felt so down and it eventually led to hysterical crying? That was my day. It started off just typical Monday blues, tired and dreading being back to work, then ended with me sobbing uncontrollably. My husband wants to sell our house that we just moved into in April. I know deep down that it's a smart move and that we will be living so much more comfortably if we decide to sell and put the money that we have profited toward a cheaper house. But I love my house. And I know I should be grateful, I could have much bigger problems. But this mixed with hormones has just made for a really rough day. I needed to vent to someone who doesn't know me cause I know my friends will just do the "everything will work out", which I obviously know but I still need to just cry it out and no one but pregnant ladies will understand that lol.