My early bday present

On July 1st my boyfriend and I went to the races since the street outlaws gang were here to drag race on our strip. We had a wonderful outing. We mad it home around 1:45am on July 2nd we both were just getting ready for bed when around 2am I laid down and honestly thought I had peed my pants. I rushed to the bathroom and cleaned myself up to realize the dripping wouldn't end. I called my doctors after hours number and was directed to take my time shower, collect my stuff for the hospital and head there (mind you my nearest hospital with a labor and delivery ward was an hour away). My boyfriend doesn't drive so I took my time and drove into the heart of Buffalo. We made it to the hospital around 3:30am. I was wheeled back into the labor and delivery area where they confirmed that my water had broke and I was having contractions (which I couldn't feel).my doctor was on vacation so her associate met me and told me I was 2cm dilated. I was brought into my very own delivery room where I took several long naps and everytime I woke up I was more dilated. Now alittle history about myself I found out during my 1st ultrasound that I had a fairly large 6cm fibroid by my 35 week ultrasound it had grown to 12 cm. My Dr. Told me it shouldn't interfere with my labor. Now back to the labor portion of my story. Around 4pm I was 7cm dilated and received my first epidural from my amazing anesthesiologist, by 6pm the pushing began I pushed and pushed and pushed for 2 1/2 hours with no results. Everytime I pushed my baby's head would come down alittle tgen once I stopped pushing my darling baby's head would go back up. After 2 1/2 hours of this my baby started to be in distress I was taken to an OR and within moments (what felt like seconds) via an emergency c-section my son was born at 9:33pm. He cried for possibly 1/2 second then stopped breathing, he was immediately intubated and rushed up to the nicu. I remained on the operating table my doctors were in a rush to put me back together. Afterwards I sat in recovery until I could feel my toes. Around 1:30am July 3rd I was finally able to go up to the nicu and see my little boy. Now you see not only was my baby a true gift but July 3rd is my bday so he became my favorite birthday present. My son spent one week in the nicu then came home with us. He has hit so many milestones and tomorrow my little prince will be one week old:) he came a bit early seeing his due date was July 28th but I am so happy to have him