I'm 17 yo and I feel so jealous of those beautiful 10-13 year olds. Is that weird??

These young girls have obviously taken a turn to looking older than they appear and it's been a problem and I was so annoyed of it Bc it made me feel like shit. I'm so insecure and seeing these girls just ughh. Like honestly good for them! I never hated on one in fact I compliment them so much! It's just I feel better knowing girls who I look up to are older, not younger.. Bc again they look older than me and I have a mature ass face. They are beautiful and I just watched a video of a youtuber( who is so cute😍) reacting to 13 year old girls and he was drooling over them! that video was a lot Bc the girls who are supposedly 13 were dancing in a bra and shorts. I'm a belly dancer but I have to its tradition for me. Seeing all these younger girls have the opportunity to do so much stuff while I grew up with strict parents( I would legit have to beg to go to someone's house) just makes me feel like a joke tbh. I know it might sound too much but I'm on my period and crying over everything. But this subject does bother me..please tell me I'm not the only one? I would really feel like a bitch😔