To The Little Girls That Want To Have A Baby!

KiaMiaGia • TTC Baby McDaniel #1️⃣
This post is not to bash you , and I hope the people who comment arent rude . We don't need you here .. 
I just want to say , I've been there . I was that 8th grader that wanted to have a baby . It's just a feeling we desire . The feeling of unconditional love . The feeling that no matter how others think about you , you baby will always love you . The feeling that you can raised them how you wish you were raised . The feeling of just holding that love and joy in your arms ... But it's more to it than you think . 
Of course it's not easy , but how hard it can be . Well , Hun , it can be very hard . Especially if you don't have a car , or even your license . It's hard if you don't have job . even if you have supportive parents , there are some things you'll want to do on your own . Some things you'll feel obligated to do and/or want to take credit for . 
You also have to be mentally ready , because babies will drain you of that . There are some things that you may not be able to do or make and then you'll beat yourself up , thinking you aren't a good mother . And that makes you sad and depressed . You're going to lose friends , and gain false friends that just want to be around for the girl that's pregnant . Then you'll gain real friends , but it's just having to weed out the good and the bad . 
Even if you think you're ready , you may not be 100% ready . Granted , you can NEVER be 100% for a baby , but getting close to that is good enough . There is just many things you have to think about before you get over loaded with this baby fever . Like how you will get to and from doctors appointment before the baby and after . How will you pay for everything the baby needs ? How you will pay for clothes for yourself if you can't fit in your old ones . How will you pay for hospital costs , and much more . That's just a couple . 
Instead of being that 8th grader with a baby . I got serious . I did my best in school so , I would be able to have a good shot at giving my future baby the best life possible --because of ME . Not because my family helped . I'm just the independent person that likes to do stuff on their own , and I believe if I pay and take care of my child , I won't have to worry about my family trying to make decisions for him/her because they paid for this or did this . 
But , like I was saying , I focused on school . I got to enjoy my proms and homecomings and all the clubs and sports . I even graduated high school an entire year before I was supposed to . 
Now I'm in college , graduating with my associates in arts of Teaching in a couple months.   I'm 19 . I have my own place .l, starting my home daycare . Trying for my baby .
Of course I could be doing all this with a baby in high school , but I was able to do it so much smoother . So much quicker . Not so much stress about being able to spend time with my baby and do school . 
I can now stay home with my baby instead of putting them in a daycare , which I would have had to do in high school . 
There's just so much more you have to offer when you're older . I wanted to write this because I see women coming at you hues so mean . There's other ways to speak than the way they do to you . I hope this makes you stop and think ! Analyze and see the pros and the cons . :)