I got induced at 39 weeks exactly Aug 1

I got induced at 39 weeks exactly Aug 1. due to high blood pressure and kidney stones. I came in to the hospital at 715 am and at 745 they started pitocin. I was only dialated to 2cm when I was induced. the pitocin got the contractions in gear and by noon I wanted the epidural by then I was 4 cm and doc broke my water. the epidural just felt like pressure a bit that was uncomfortable but nothing to bad. it helped take the edge off the contractions but it kept wearing off after about an hour on me. I had to get them to come back 4 times to up my medicine by the time I had to push. it wore off right when my pains got to their worst. the baby was having a hard time coming down birth canal to crown so they had to use a vacuum extraction. in my opinion was the worst pain at all for me. it was a ton of pressure and was very rough. I pushed for 3.5 hrs and after 14.5 hrs of labor my little girl arrived. it was deffinately a feeling of relief and accomplishment. if the vacuum wouldn't of worked I would of had to get a c-section. I'm happy I was able to push her out and avoid getting one after all the labor I was in. my little girl Nova Rae arrived 7 lbs 12 oz. and was healthy which is all that matters. I feel after going through that experience that I can endure anything. My body is still crampy and in a lot of pain to walk but after what I went through its expected. it's only been 9 hrs since birth so it's only going to get better from here on out... after everything I went through it was defffinately worth it for my little girl and I would do it over again if I had to..