I am so awkward. How to word " I'm pregnant."

I find it ridiculous that I even need to post this, since I am a grown woman with a husband and a 7 year old child, BUT, I just can't seem to wrap my mind around the *wording* of telling my parents or in-laws that we are going to have a baby. 
The struggle is real! 
Every time I run through it in my mind I sound like such a clown. We live on opposite sides of the US, so a phone call will be the most logical means of passing the message. I can just imagine how goofy I will sound. " Oh hi! Just calling to share some exciting news. We are going to have a baby." 🙄😳😂 I can't even type that without feeling like a total nerd. Any advice on wording that isn't mushy or awkward? 
Side note: I expect they will all be thrilled with the news. It's not like I'm afraid of a negative response. I got pregnant with my son when  I was pretty young (18). It was from a previous relationship. At the time I was sure my mom was going to kill me so I had my older sister tell her for me. You know, so I knew what I was in for before facing her 😂. Obviously, she  didn't kill me- because here I am, 7 years later. She took it well. She helped me with my son while I finished nursing school and was always my #1 support person. My husband raises our son as if he is his own. His family is very accepting of him as well.