Not obsessing anymore

I decided after 3 little months of TTC for baby #2 that I will not wreak havoc on my emotions by obsessing over TTC. It's not healthy. I suffer from severe depression & generalized anxiety & I hate it. I feel like 3 month intervals of TTC is plenty for me. Otherwise, I'll start obsessing & affecting my ability to function in everyday life. I personally believe that pregnancy will happen when it's time. It's out of my control. No matter how bad I want it, no matter how  upset I get about seeing other pregnant women, it's still out of my control. I don't want to live to pee on sticks for ovulation & pregnancy tests. I want to enjoy life & let nature take its course. I don't want to wear my husband out or make his life miserable with my emotional roller coaster. My last 2 pregnancies happened when I said, I'm going to stop trying for a little while. I'm just going to relax & enjoy life. I'll get preggo when I'm supposed to get preggo. #AtPeace