How would you feel?

Taylor • NJC💍 Momma to Braxton born 9/29/16💙 Expecting our “baby Cyr” 5/2/2020💛😌
My fiance is a major business guy. He owns three businesses, a carpentry business, a trucking business, and an excavation company... His mind is always on the money and what he can do to make more. He's very self motivated and I think that's what attracted me to him the most! He has a lot of goals and plans for his life and he's starting them young (25). I am now 31 weeks pregnant and he mentioned not really wanting to take any days off when I have the baby. Which I understand... But would you be a little upset too if your SO just said, I'll be there for the birth but then be on my way...? And I DO realize that there are fathers that are fighting wars over seas and can't be there at all and don't meet their children until their much older or just weeks older, but that is not my circumstance, I'm just looking for responses from women and mothers who can closely relate to this